Weitere Infos zu PS0

Je mehr ich über PS0 lese, desto mehr fiebere ich dem Release entgegen.

– completely new title taking place in brand-new world
– gameplay heavily based on Phantasy Star Online, but with a different presentation
– Sega went with the DS due to the wide range of players
– “Zero” was used in the title to help players this of this as a fresh start
– you will be able to play online with people that aren’t real-life friends
– no voice chat or vibration
– it is possible that PSO’s world select feature will be used, but it has no been confirmed
– no symbol chat in this game, due to the ability to create custom messages with your stylus
– expect many familiar items and techniques
– developers are really hoping this game brings back fond memories of previous entries in the series

Raubmordkopiert von GoNintendo.

Klingt das gut? Ja~, das klingt gut!
Ich kriege gerade aber unheimlich Lust, Phantasy Star Online oder Phantasy Star Universe zu zocken…

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